Clingan Criticizes Palin: Calls on LeMunyon to Refute Palin’s comments

I was dismayed to hear Sarah Palin’s comments about the economy and people of Northern Virginia. That is the reason my crusade put out a press release today calling for Delegate LeMunyon to go along with me in refuting Palin’s remarks.


Eric Clingan, Democratic candidate for Virginia’s House of Delegates (67th District) is scrutinizing former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin for her recent comments regarding the economy and people of Northern Virginia. Clingan is additionally approaching his opponent, Delegate Jim LeMunyon, to go along with him in refuting Palin’s statements.

“As opposed to what former Governor Palin seems to think, residents of Northern Virginia have not been unaffected by the recession. Work losses, tumbling lodging prices and budget cuts have caused hardship for some families here in Northern Virginia. Our verifiably solid state funded schools are being asked to accomplish more with less as our Delegate, Jim LeMunyon, votes to cut education financing. Meanwhile, those who are retired or entering retirement are increasingly uncertain about their nest eggs. We all have been affected by the economy.” Clingan Said.

He continued, “Governor Palin’s comments are completely withdrawn with reality in Northern Virginia. They are likewise a commonplace example of the TEA Party and the far conservative attempting to divide our nation as opposed to meeting up amid these uncertain times. Instead of meeting up and attempting to solve our problems, elected officials and political savants seem more interested in who can win the race to the base. This is the reason I left the Republican Party in 2004 and I approach Delegate Jim LeMunyon to refute Palin’s statements. Together, we can send a solid unified message to Sarah Palin and the TEA Party that those of us from Northern Virginia are pretty much as affected by today’s economy as residents in Wasilla, Alaska. We simply sit in a considerable measure more activity than most Alaskans”

When asked for comment, Campaign Manager, Phil Olafsen stated, “Jim LeMunyon has a past filled with being more in contact with conservative Tea Party allies than the voters he could call his own locale. Neglecting to refute Palin’s statements would simply be one more example of Jim LeMunyon putting the desires of the Tea Party and conservative ideologues above the people he is supposed to be representing. ”


Clingan Requests a Series of Debates

To our neighbors in the 67th District:

On September third, I sent an open letter to Del. Jim LeMunyon requesting that he go along with me for a series of debates beginning not long from now. I’ve been on the doorsteps of over 5,000 residents and its clear, from South Riding to Fair Lakes, our neighbors have questions regarding who can best lead the 67th District in Richmond and battle for the needs of our group.

To be perfectly honest, numerous vital issues are confronting us, including consistent activity congestion, slices to education financing, and the future of our neighborhood economy. Our neighbors deserve to hear from each candidate as we seek to represent their interests in Richmond in 2012. Debates are the best route for voters to hear from the two of us, compare our positions and make a full and informed choice in November.

This is the reason I requested of Del. LeMunyon to go along with me for a series of debates beginning in September. I sincerely hope Mr. LeMunyon agrees, and voters in the 67th will get to hear the two of us side by side.

Very Truly Yours,

Eric Clingan Democratic Candidate, Virginia House of Delegates (67th District)

LeMunyon Beholden to Richmond TEA Party Extremists

LeMunyon Beholden to Richmond TEA Party Extremists

Chantilly, VA- September 28, 2011- Under pressure for his extremist ties, Delegate Jim LeMunyon announced he is returning only $50,000 of the $168,452 all out he has taken from an extreme TEA Party gathering called the Middle Resolution PAC, as indicated by the Virginia Public Access Project website (VPAP).

His opponent, Eric Clingan, has called on him to give all the money back – not simply a portion.

“By taking money from Richmond-based Tea Party extremist gatherings and afterward pushing their retrogressive legislative agenda, Jim LeMunyon continues to put conservative causes ahead of working Northern Virginia families,” said Clingan. “He was right to return the $50,000 he received from the Tea Party bunch, however shouldn’t something be said about the other $118,452 the gathering gave him because they knew he would battle for their reckless agenda?

“In the event that Jim LeMunyon really shares the mainstream values that make our group great, he will return every dollar of this radical bunch’s money and denounce their extremist agenda.”

Amid the last legislative session, Delegate LeMunyon sponsored an extreme bill to amend the U.S. Constitution with what he called the “Repeal Amendment” at the behest of the far conservative gathering. The “Repeal Amendment” would permit states to void any federal law including potentially the Civil Rights Amendments, the Voting Rights Act, protections for clean air and water, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Del. LeMunyon even appeared on FoxNews Channel with Neil Cavuto, requiring a Constitutional Convention for the purpose of amending the Constitution with his proposition.

As per, nearly all of Middle Resolution’s over 300 supporters live in Richmond or the encompassing areas. One and only supporter lives in Fairfax and it is unclear whether he lives in the 67th District.

In early August not long from now Democratic challenger Eric Clingan openly noted that LeMunyon had recently accepted another $50,000 from the same Tea Party-Affiliated gathering. At that time, Clingan called on LeMunyon to return the gift. LeMunyon responded through his staff, and claimed that the Middle Resolution was not a Tea Party PAC.

Eric Clingan is an Air Force Veteran and little business owner from Chantilly who is challenging Jim LeMunyon in the 67thDistrict of the Virginia House of Delegates.

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Eric Clingan Debates Jim LeMunyon TONIGHT on The Inside Scoop

Our challenge has been accepted. This Sunday, the people of Northern Virginia will get to see me face off against Delegate Jim LeMunyon. This head to head match-up will permit the voters of the 67th District to see who is best equipped to represent their interests in the House of Delegates on the issues of Transportation, Education, the Budget and the Environment.

The debate will be telecast on Channel 10′s “The Inside Scoop” at 6:30PM this Sunday, October sixteenth. It will be moderated by Mark Levine and Mike Lane. You can stream the debate live online at: Debate Live Stream.

Make sure you tune into bolster our battle. Tweet your favorite lines utilizing the hashtag #67Debate Twitter or Post them to our Facebook page Clingan for Delegate Facebook.

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Clingan Soundly Defeats LeMunyon on The Inside Scoop Virginia

LeMunyon Fails to Defend Repeal Amendment During Debate

Fairfax, VA-October seventeenth, 2011-Delegate LeMunyon failed to advocate his sponsorship of the profoundly controversial “Repeal Amendment” amid a televised debate Sunday.

Eric Clingan and Delegate Jim LeMunyon squared off the previous evening in a debate on Fairfax Public Access Channel 10’s program “The Inside Scoop Virginia”. The debate was co-moderated by Mark Levin and Mike Lane. Full video of the debate can be found here:

The Repeal Amendment, as it is being called, would permit 2/3 of states to invalidate any federal law. As Eric Clingan pointed out amid the debate, the Repeal Amendment could be very awful for Northern Virginia. “There is not an area of the Federal Government that does not affect Northern Virginia… would the other states, perhaps needing a bigger slice of the pie, vote to affect Northern Virginia’s slice? Of course they would.”

LeMunyon attempted to defend the Amendment as a defense against unfunded mandates. However as Clingan pointed out amid the debate, “unfunded mandate” doesn’t appear anywhere in the bill. “As a lawyer I can tell you when the bill says any law or regulation that means any.” This means 2/3 of states could repeal protections for clean air and water, the Voting Rights Act, the Civil Right Acts, the lowest pay permitted by law.

LeMunyon did not deny that his Repeal Amendment could invalidate all federal laws however merely clarified that that was not his intent. Clingan says that is bad enough, “Delegate LeMunyon has a choice here. Either he does bolster invalidating these federal laws as the bill would permit or he was messy in composing his bill–either way he’s not a good fit for the occupation. “

Eric Clingan Discusses Election Issues on News Talk with Bruce DePuyt, LeMunyon Does Not Attend

Candidate Eric Clingan was on News Talk with Bruce DePuyt to talk about his bid for the House of Delegates. Delegate Jim LeMunyon was invited to participate in the debate however chose to not attend. Eric’s segment can be discovered beginning at 22:08 on the video.

As you’ll see on the video, Delegate Jim LeMunyon’s backing of the Repeal Amendment is characterized as radical. Remember to VOTE November eighth and tell Delegate LeMunyon we’re tired of the Tea Party.

LeMunyon Is Running Scared

We’ve clearly rattled Delegate LeMunyon’s cage. He’s written work desperate emails neglecting to explain away his extreme conservative agenda and couching the TEA Party gather, The Middle Resolution PAC, as a “gathering of private citizens”. He neglects to mention that nearly those private citizens don’t live in the area as well as don’t live in Northern Virginia by any means. No wonder they encouraged him to backing the insane Repeal Amendment that would permit a move back of protections for clean air and water and could permit other states to piece Virginia’s share of federal transportation dollars. Eric is going to go down to Richmond and concentrate on handling Northern Virginia’s problems not rewriting the US constitution.

LeMunyon keeps attempting to disassociate himself from the TEA Party however they support his crusade and he carries their bills. The Repeal Amendment was the Tea Party’s top legislative need ( repeal-amendment-ar-811757/) and Delegate LeMunyon’s friends with the $168,452 in backing likewise just so happen to support the Virginia TEA Party convention (

In a last dump effort to save himself, Delegate LeMunyon reached the distance back to when Eric was in college. Eric’s governmental issues have changed a little bit over the years. Eric was a Republican long back before the gathering was taken over by extremist conservative ideologues like Jim LeMunyon. Anyway don’t take Eric’s word of honor for it–he’s endorsed by progressive organizations, for example, the AFL-CIO, the Sierra Club, the League of Conservation Voters, NARAL and Planned Parenthood.

Don’t let LeMunyon run from his record–join us to volunteer today: